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Full Form of ST is Scheduled Tribes and other ST full forms table with latest and unique category list.

Category ListFull Form
Full Form of STScheduled Tribes
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Full Form of ST in computerSixteen/Thirty two
Full Form of ST in footballStriker
Full Form of ST in mathsstandard part function
Full Form of ST in instagram storySomething
Full Form of ST in schoolScheduled Tribes
Full Form of ST in medicalspasmodic torticollis
Full Form of ST in Indian Government Caste Reservation Scheduled Tribes
Full Form of ST in BankingScheduled Tribe
Full Form of ST in Country Names Sao Tome and Principe
Full Form of ST in NetworkingSubject To
Full Form of ST in File Type Scream Tracker Instrument Library
Full Form of ST in Softwares Smalltalk
Full Form of ST in SoftwaresThe Simulation Toolkit
Full Form of ST in ChemistrySchwinger Terms
Full Form of ST in ElectronicsSpecial Tuning
2nd Full Form of ST in ElectronicsSpecial Technology
Full Form of ST in TimeSidereal Time
2nd Full Form of ST in TimeSixteen Thirty
Full Form of ST in MessagingSub Topic
Full Form of ST in MessagingSo True
Full Form of ST in MessagingSuch That
Full Form of ST in Accounts and Finance Sub Total
Full Form of ST in Space Science Sequential Timer
2nd Full Form of ST in Space Science Simplification Task
3rd Full Form of ST in Space Science Self Test
Full Form of ST in Job Title Story Teller
2nd Full Form of ST in Job Title Speech Therapist
Full Form of ST in Measurement Unit Stone
Full Form of ST in Country Specific Sao Tome
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Full Form of ST in Technology Science Technology
Full Form of ST in MathsSubtraction Term

Scheduled Tribes is an Indian term for indigenous groups that are recognized by the government of India as “tribes” who are Scheduled Castes. There are 573 scheduled tribes in India, identified as tribal groups who fall outside the mainstream Hindu society. They are mostly located in rural areas and constitute 8.6% of India’s population. The Scheduled Tribes Council of India, established in 1966, is mandated to “promote and protect the rights of the scheduled tribes”. The council is sub-divided into several regional councils.

How did Scheduled Tribes come to exist?

The Indian Constitution, drafted in 1950, envisaged a society where every citizen would be treated equally and given an opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. However, soon after independence, it became clear that this was not the case. The scheduled tribes were at a disadvantage both socially and economically when compared to other sections of society. In order to address this inequality, the government of India introduced a series of measures to improve the socio-economic condition of scheduled tribes. These measures included reservation in education and employment, special development programmes and financial assistance. Over time, the scheduled tribes have made significant progress and are now better placed to benefit from India’s growing economy.

List of Scheduled Tribes in India

The Constitution of India recognizes scheduled tribes as a special group of people who are indigenous to the country. There are over 600 scheduled tribes in India, each with its own distinct culture and traditions. The government has enacted various laws and policies to protect the rights and welfare of scheduled tribes.

Some of the most notable scheduled tribes in India include the Adivasis, the Bhils, the Gonds, the Khasis, and the Mundas. Each tribe has its own unique language and customs that set it apart from other groups. Scheduled tribes continue to face many challenges, including poverty and social discrimination. The government is making efforts to improve their living conditions and promote their cultural heritage.

What do Scheduled Tribes get benefits?

The Scheduled Tribes are a special group of people who get benefits from the government. This includes money, land, and other resources. They are a very important part of Indian society, and the government wants to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

How does the government help Scheduled Tribes?

There are many ways that the United States government helps Scheduled Tribes. One way is through the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs. This department provides services to tribes, including education, health care, and housing. The bureau also helps tribes negotiate with the federal government and businesses to protect their rights and resources.

Another way the government helps tribes is through the Indian Health Service. This service provides health care to members of federally recognized tribes. It operates hospitals and clinics in rural areas, and it also funds health programs for tribal members living on or near reservations.

The government also helps tribes by giving them financial assistance. For example, it provides funds for tribal governments, schools on reservations, and tribal members who need help paying for college or housing.

In conclusion, it is evident that scheduled tribes are a marginalized and vulnerable group in India. Despite constituting a significant percentage of the population, they continue to suffer from various forms of deprivation and discrimination. There is an urgent need to address the issues faced by scheduled tribes and to ensure that they enjoy their fundamental rights and entitlements.

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