Full Form Of IM – All in one IM full forms updated list

Full Form of IM is Instant messaging and other IM full forms table with latest and unique category list.

Category ListFull Form
Full Form Of IM In chess International Master
Full Form Of IM In computerInstant messaging
Full Form Of IM In medicalIntramuscular Injection
Full Form Of IM In scienceIntramuscular Injection
Full Form Of IM In Information Technology Instant Messaging
Full Form Of IM In Computer and Networking Inter-modulation
2nd Full Form Of IM In Computer and Networking Internet Multimedia
Full Form Of IM In Country Names Isle of Man
Full Form Of IM In MedicalIntramuscular
Full Form Of IM In NetworkingInstant Message
2nd Full Form Of IM In NetworkingInternet Messaging
Full Form Of IM In SoftwaresInstant Messanger
2nd Full Form Of IM In Softwares In The Module
Full Form Of IM In Electronics Integrated Model
2nd Full Form Of IM In Electronics Instrument Management
3rd Full Form Of IM In ElectronicsImpedance Matcher
Full Form Of IM In MessagingIntellectually Mild
2nd Full Form Of IM In Messaging Interrupt Me
Full Form Of IM In Accounts and Finance Instant Money
Full Form Of IM In Space Science Information Memory
2nd Full Form Of IM In Space Science Inner Marker
3rd Full Form Of IM In Space Science Interface Module
Full Form Of IM In Computer Hardware Intellimouse
Full Form Of IM In Job Title Item Manager
Full Form Of IM In MathsIntermediate Modulus
Full Form Of IM In Radio Science Individually Modulated
Full Form Of IM In SportsIron Man
Full Form Of IM In Business Management Investment Management
Full Form Of IM In Military and Defence Insensitive Munition
Full Form Of IM In Database Management Information Model

What Is IM?

Instant messaging, full form of IM is a communication system which uses the application and the internet to send messages in real time. Instant messaging can also be called as text messaging, internet chat or online chat. It is one of those services that allow people to communicate with each other even when they are not together; for example someone could instant message you when you are at school or work and you can instant message them while they are at home.

Instant messaging is used in computer based programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger and other similar services offered by companies like Google and Skype.

What are the instant messaging services?

Instant messaging service is aims to allow you to send messages instantly. It gives you the ability not only to ask questions but also to chat with people who are far away from your place or country. The programs are free of charge but it also comes at different prices, depending on the company that provides it.

What kind of instant messaging services are there?

The first IM program was called ICQ and was made by Israel’s company named Mirabilis Ltd. After this many other companies started making similar programs, like AOL Instant Messenger (also known as AIM) which became very popular after Microsoft gave some money for its development so its users could use it without any problems.

What is the difference between instant messaging and text messaging?

Although they both are very similar, the only difference is that instant messaging allows you to connect more people in one window (you can see several people typing messages). It also gives you more options like sound notifications or automatic logging.

Is it possible to make calls using instant messaging programs?

Yes, they can call each other through the internet without any problems. The quality of the calls depends on the speed of your connection and how powerful your computers are (and which kind of new technologies you use for a better connection).

What do I need to chat about through instant messaging programs?

You will need two different things: firstly some IM program like AIM and secondly a microphone connected with your computer. For better communication, you should go for a better quality mic (even if it costs you some money).

Where can I download one of the programs?

All IM programs are free and there is no need to pay any money when using them. The only difference is that to make your calls you’ll have to give them some money, depending on how good they sound. Usually, Google Talk or Skype gives you a free test call so that way you could be sure that the program works well without having to spend your hard-earned cash.

How do I know which program is the best?

It’s hard to choose because all of them work very similar and there isn’t such a big difference between them. The decision depends precisely on what kind of features would you like to have in your IM program.

I need help with my instant messaging program, what should I do?

It is almost impossible for you to make your IM programs because it takes many years of experience and knowledge about the best programming language. If you are planning on making your program you should be prepared for very hard work. The best option is to download one of the existing ones and use it during your chat sessions.

What are the most important qualities that instant messaging software should have?

The first thing that must be there is at least two-way communication (the main problem with ICQ was that only one person could type messages). It shouldn’t consume too many resources from your computer either so try not to use those features that require a lot of power from your PC.

What kind of laptops and computers can I use for this type of program?

Any kind, as long as you have an internet connection and a microphone or webcam connected with the computer. It is also recommended to have a good quality sound card installed so that way your calls will be much better than without it.

Can I talk with people who are far away from me even if we don’t speak the same language?

Yes. You just need to find someone who speaks English or any other language that you know and start talking through writing messages back and forth (be sure not to forget emotions because this way everything might become too cold).

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